Toefl View Bangla Version is a grammar book and also is a platform for learning and improving English grammar easily. We, the people of Bengali speaker, have been taught grammar in our schools and colleges, yet we fail to internalize the grammatical aspects of English properly, due to our socio-cultural situations. For many, learning grammar is one of the hardest tasks in their academic career. Therefore, Toefl View Bangla Version presents you the easiest way of learning English Grammar, in unique pattern and with real-life examples.

Toefl View Bangla Version is a free to use platform. As a non-commercial project, none of our users are bound to pay any penny to use any content of our site. However, to cover our server expenses and continued development costs, we do appreciate donations. If you think the site helped you, or if you believe that it will be beneficial if the site remains alive and free, buy this book as a part of the expenses.

For now, Toefl View Bangla Version only presents English grammar. We plan to bring contents on grammar of other languages in the near future.

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