Normal Sentence Pattern





Some Important Examples

Parts of Speech

Definition & Types

1. Noun

Definition & Types

Proper Noun

Common Noun

Abstract Noun

Concrete Noun

Countable Noun

Non-Countable Noun

Collective Noun

Compound Noun

2. Pronoun

Definition & Types

~Subjective Pronoun

~Objective Pronoun

~Possessive Pronoun

~Reflexive Pronoun

-Intensive Pronoun

-Relative Pronoun

-Demonstrative Pronoun

-Interrogative Pronoun

3. Adjective

Definition & Types

A. Descriptive Adjective

B. Quantitative Adjective

C. Numeral Adjective

Cardinal Numeral

Ordinal Numeral

Multiplicative Numeral​

D. Pronominal Adjective

Demonstrative Adjective

Distributive Adjective

Interrogative Adjective

Possessive Adjective

Relative Adjective

Other Adjectives

4. Verb

Definition & Types

Finite Verb

Non-Finite Verb

Principal Verb

Auxiliary Verb

Transitive Verb

Intransitive Verb

Other kinds of Verb

5. Adverb

Definition & Types

Adverb of Manner

Adverb of Place

Adverb of Time

Adverb of Frequency

Adverb of Quantity

Adverb of Order

Adverb of Cause & Effect

Adverb of Affirmation & Negation

6. Preposition

Definition & Types

Simple Prepositions

Double Prepositions

Compound Prepositions

Phrasal Prepositions

Participle Prepositions

Disguised Prepositions

Appropriate Prepositions

Rules of from, to, on, in, by, out, into etc..

Verbs which do not take prepositions

7. Conjunction

Definition & Types

Coordinating Conjunction

Subordinating Conjunction​

Correlative Conjunction

8. Interjection

Definition & Types


Definition & Uses

Indefinite Article (A, An)

Definite Article (The)


Definition & Types

Simple Sentence

Complex Sentence

Compound Sentence

Complex-Compound Sentence​


Present Tense

Present Indefinite

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

Past Tense

Past Indefinite Tense

Past Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Continuous

Future Tense

Future Indefinite Tense

Future Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Future Perfect Continuous

Right Forms of Verbs

Basic Rules

Advance Rules

Subject Verb Agreement

Basic Rules

Advance Rules


Definition & Types

Real Conditionals

Unreal Conditionals

Relative Clause

Who & Whom

Problem Verbs

Rise-Raise, Lie-Lay, Sit-Set

Modal Auxiliaries

Definition & Uses


Definition & Rules

Causative Verbs

Definition & Uses

Degree of Comparison

Definition & Types

Positive Degree

Comparative Degree

Superlative Degree

Equal Comparisons

Unequal Comparisons

Illogical Comparisons


Definition & Types

Active Voice

Passive Voice


Definition & Rules

A. Addons

A. Addons

A. Addons